Will the Chicago Bears Dishonor Soldier Field?

Will the Chicago Bears Dishonor Soldier Field?

The team, the cornerstone of the National Football League (NFL) as founded in 1920 by Bears owner George Stanley Halas, also shares a birthday with the U.S. Constitution, signed in Philadelphia on Sep. 17, 1789.

The forward pass — the staple of the game today — was invented partly at the urging of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was alarmed at the number of serious injuries that the game was causing in scrimmage-line battles.

Those debates will come to a head on Sunday, at Soldier Field, a stadium dedicated to “the men and women of the armed services.” If the Bears allow members of their organization to kneel during the Star-Spangled Banner, or to raise their fists to the flag, on their first homestand this Sunday, they will not only be insulting the taxpayers who subsidized the stadium and its various renovations.

He has been one of the more constructive supporters of Black Lives Matter — supporting black businesses, for example, rather than just criticizing police.

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