UK Approves Huawei, Throws Roadblocks in Path of Brexit Trade Deals

UK Approves Huawei, Throws Roadblocks in Path of Brexit Trade Deals

The United Kingdom has shrugged off concerns of handing China a back-door key to the nation’s critical national infrastructure and spiking post-Brexit trade with key Anglosphere allies, signing off the involvement of Huawei in the future 5G data networks.

The move was decided Tuesday by the UK National Security Council, a group of senior cabinet ministers chaired by the Prime Minister and attended by civil servants and military bosses, following advice from the Civil Service, which decided in spite of the many warnings and potential pitfalls presented by the Huawei deal to rubber-stamp the deal last week.

Warns Britain Accepting Huawei 5G Will Imperil Post-Brexit Trade Deal — Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) January 25, 2020

This is of particular importance because signing a trade deal with the United States quickly after Brexit appears to be a key lynchpin of the post-EU strategy, as an easy passage of that agreement would be a major signal to the rest of the world that the UK is emerging ready to trade, and easy to do business with.

Given this disconnect in stated policy and public action, some may view the advice of unelected civil servants to the National Security Council to ignore security and trade concerns and sign with Huawei anyway with concern.

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