Saudi Arabia determined to protect, promote human rights

Saudi Arabia determined to protect, promote human rights

DUBAI: A Saudi relief organization is taking the lead in helping to tackle the biggest humanitarian crisis to face the world.

The aim of the Saudi International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development (IORWD) is to change the mindset in the way refugee families are supported, to improve their productivity and increase incomes.

In total, the IORWD has sponsored 5,111 Syrian and Palestinian orphans in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as 1,638 Palestinian students in Egypt, Jordan and Yemen, 351 teachers and 40 educational institutes in Palestine.

In Bangladesh, the organization supports six schools for refugees, including 42 teachers and 2,000 students, as well as 200 Syrian students in Turkish refugee camps with SR2.25 million.

With 13 million people affected by the crisis in Syria and 5.5 million refugees in surrounding countries, such as Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, large-scale movements of people driven by diverse motivations have posed political and humanitarian challenges to the international community in recent years.

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