'Measles parties' are a 'terrible idea,' experts warn

'Measles parties' are a 'terrible idea,' experts warn

Public health officials are warning parents not to be fooled by claims that purposefully exposing their children to the measles virus at so-called “measles parties” is a safe alternative to the MMR vaccine.

Once eradicated in Canada, measles outbreaks have occurred in many countries this year.

Rachel Alter, a public health educator with March for Science, told CTV News Channel that the idea may have come from the “chicken pox parties” that happened before there was an effective vaccine against the virus varicella.

Steven Hoffman, a York University professor and director of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research’s Institute of Population & Public Health, said measles parties are “a terrible idea.”

In Madagascar, 120,000 people have gotten measles over the past few months and 1,200 have died,” he told CTV News Channel.


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