Lori Lightfoot Is 'Unprepared' to Handle Rioting, Looting

Lori Lightfoot Is 'Unprepared' to Handle Rioting, Looting

A Chicago alderman is calling Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot “unprepared” to handle the rioting and in the city and thinks federal intervention to quell the violence is necessary.

Lightfoot rejected the National Guard after a night of looting and rioting in Chicago that went on into the early hours of Monday morning and called on the community to prevent future riots.

“Again, no, we do not need federal troops in Chicago, period, full stop,” Lightfoot said.

Additional looting erupted in response to false reports of the police shooting a 15-year-old boy.

That incident sparked hours of looting and vandalism that resulted in 100 arrests and 13 injured police officers.

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