'I Kind of Expected to Speak' at the Convention

'I Kind of Expected to Speak' at the Convention

The Democratic National Committee snubbed Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur who made a splash in the Democrat primary race with his happy-go-lucky style and major pitch for a universal basic income, excluding him from the list of speakers for next week’s party convention.

Under his universal basic income (UBI) proposal, every U.S. citizen over the age of 18 would receive $1,000 in “guaranteed” income per month, “no questions asked.”

Yang, who said he would support the eventual nominee, formally endorsed Biden in March and encouraged the Democrat Party to come together.

The absence of Andrew Yang from the Democratic Convention speakers' roster is a) inexplicable and b) remarkably dumb.

Andrew Yang endorsed Biden unprompted, was a historic candidate and has a message clearly tuned to the current moment, with millions out of work.

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