Elizabeth Warren Couldn't Follow Dershowitz's 'Nonsensical' Argument

Elizabeth Warren Couldn't Follow Dershowitz's 'Nonsensical' Argument

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Monday took a shot at Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz over his legal arguments against the impeachment of President Donald Trump, branding his remarks as “nonsensical.”

He is a criminal law professor who stood in the well of the Senate and talked about how law never inquires into intent and that we should not be using the president’s intent as part of understanding impeachment,” said Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor, according to The Hill.

The legal team argued Monday that Democrats do not have the evidence to charge him with a crime and were employing “politically loaded and promiscuously deployed terms” to turn an un-impeachable offense into one.

Deputy White House counsel Mike Purpura said “the managers are wrong” about the timeline in which Trump released the aid, saying Trump released military aid to Ukraine on Sept. 11 and met with Ukrainian President Voldomyr Zelensky later that month because his concerns had been “addressed in the ordinary course.”

“When the House managers gave you their presentation when they submitted their brief, they repeatedly referenced Hunter Biden and Burisma… They referenced Biden or Burisma over 400 times.

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